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The Holes in Our Groups

Much of our group therapy stands in place for what we’re missing within our own groups.

This is not a knock on group therapy. Group therapy helps individuals identify problems in their life, to express emotional challenges, receive criticism, and fosters self reflection and awareness by listening to and identifying with other individual stories.

Too often, however, we find ourselves in environments where openness and vulnerability are minimized. Our culture and generation perpetuate a being of “false positivity” by which any expression of our fears, struggles, sadness, or worries are extinguished. We participate in a masquerade ball of smiles, laughter, and fun without ever revealing what may also be behind that mask.

But imagine feeling safe enough to share our fears and insecurities with our friends and family, and being able to listen those friends and family express their struggles. Imagine being told that what we’re wrestling with is understood, and what we feel we need to keep inside is actually worth expressing. Imagine being told by someone that what we have to say is important beyond words, and it also meant something beyond words that we've listened to them. Imagine friends and family wanting to help support and guide us to make healthier decisions for ourselves. Imagine seeing our friends grow and mature as it resonates with our own growth and maturity.

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