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Individual therapy

Experiences, both positive and negative, contribute significantly to how we perceive ourself and the world around us. These perceptions naturally influence the narratives we create about ourselves and our lives. Understanding this interplay is crucial in therapy to reshape and reframe these narratives for personal growth and well-being. Individual therapy provides a space to comprehend and bring awareness to how past stories and current patterns shape our overall well-being. 


At the Helm, our role is to join you in discovering these narratives and patterns, equipping you with the tools and freedom to craft new stories.

Couple's therapy

Couples naturally face challenges in committed relationships, needing to address issues that undermine the hopes and joys they have for their partnership. Employing a systematic and relational perspective, our focus spans concerns like mistrust, unresolved conflict, loss and grief, and the transformative changes that perpetuate cycles of disconnection. Each couple's situation is unique, and together we navigate these complexities to foster a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.


Surviving After Infidelity.

While infidelity is undeniably hurtful and damaging to a relationship, it has the potential for healing and even flourishing with profound intimacy. Our time in therapy provides an opportunity to understand our partner and the dynamics that led to this challenge.

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