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Is it possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever receive?

I’ve seen a couple social media posts asking the question “Do you think it is possible that some people are born to give more love than they will ever receive?” and I wanted to address the real question embedded within…

The focus of the question is “born to give more love” as if there are people who are subjugated to living their entire life in an imbalance of love given vs love received - and to that I disagree. No, people are no born specifically to give more love than they receive. That’s simply not true. But, implied in that question is another question “Do people live their lives in an imbalance of love given vs. love received?” And to this implied question my answer is yes- most definitely (and unfortunately) people live their lives filled with relationships that do not reciprocate the kind of love that they give to others.

If some of us are naturally born to love more than we receive, then there wouldn’t be any emotional reaction to that imbalance- it would simply exist, just as any other naturally occurring phenomenon does. We just wouldn’t feel it. But we do feel it, and that imbalance hurts, meaning something within us recognizes that this is not the way that it should be…

The real problems being addressed here is about relationships.

Now it is true that some are born with a greater capacity to express love, and/or their depth to experience love is more intense than others, but regardless, if the various relationships in our lives are reciprocal, there wouldn’t be such an imbalance.

So the difficult and uncomfortable part is looking at the relationships that are not being reciprocated in our lives and acknowledging that pain, and making the difficult changes to create distance from and boundaries within these to allow opportunity for more reciprocally loving relationships. Because we deserve to be loved by others the way we try to love them.

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